Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SSS text-based service getting more popular

The Social Security System mobile phone transactions hit an all-time high of 601,936 last year. Said figure reflects a 106 percent increase from the previous year’s 291,600 transaction. This only proves that more members of the SSS are using the text-based facility to inquire about their contributions, benefits, loans and other concerns with the pension fund company. SSS has now more than 313,000 registered Text-SSS users as of end of December last year.

The Text-SSS was launched in February 2010, initially as a way for members to conveniently check their SSS contributions, loan balance and loan status through their cell phones. Enhancements introduced last year gave members a huge incentive to use the facility.

Sweet resignation letter goes viral

A sweet resignation letter has been sent by a man to his company on his 31st birthday.

Chris Holmes, who just recently became a father, wrote his resignation letter on a cake, which gives a hint of what business he will pursue.

Now known to the public as Mr. Cake, quits his job as a Border Agency official at London’s Stansted Airport to do something that he wants to do for such a long time – pursuing his cake business which he called Mr. Cake. Being a new father, Chris Holmes also believes his decision will allow him to spend more time with his family.

His brother-in-law tweeted a picture of sweet resignation letter which immediately became viral.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

SSS revised guidelines for educational assistance loan program

The SocialSecurity System extended its hands to the growing concern of today’s high rising cost of education. The SSS revised some of its rules to accommodate more members to meet their financial needs for their schooling.

The SSSEducational Assistance Loan Program (Educ-Assist loans) now allows members earning P25,000 and below. Before, only those earning P15,000 monthly income or less are qualified for the loan program.

SSS President and C.E.O. Emilio de Quiros Jr. said that members can borrow up to P20,000 per semester or trimester, from the previous limit of P15,000 for college degrees. For vocational courses, the loanable amount was also increased from P7,500 to P10,000 per semester or trimester.

At present, a fund worth P7 billion has been allotted by SSS for its educational assistance program. The pension company said the loan must be used exclusively to pay for tuition and miscellaneous fees.SSS members can avail of the program for their children, while unmarried members can use it for their siblings, including their half-brother or sister.

A minimum of 12 posted contributions, including at least one paid contribution within the last three months prior to the date of application is required to avail of the loan program.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Manila Water mulls investing P1.9 billion for sewer network project

Manila Water mulls investing P1.9 billion for the construction of a sewer network in Taguig, Makati and nearby cities.

The east zone water concessionaire said the construction of the project is slated between 2014 to 2016.  It will adopt a separate system approach that will collect domestic wastewater through dedicated sewer network.

The project called the Taguig North Sewer Network 3 Project will be the first major sewer network project by Manila Water since implementing its Wastewater Master Plan.

The sewer network project is said to treat up to 75 million liters of wastewater per day which could cater to the treatment requirements of half a million residents in cities of Taguig, Makati and nearby areas.

Abelardo Basilio of the Manila Water Strategic Asset Management Group said the project will be the first time for the company to use a new technology for sewer network – a trenchless methodology in pipe laying to which would reduce the traffic impact and inconvenience to commuters. He also said that the project would allow them to expand their service coverage in its east zone concession area.

Major oil price rollback announced by oil firms

Effective 12:01 a.m. of Saturday, April 13, 2013, oil firms in the Philippines implemented a major rollback of oil prices. This rollback of oil prices is said to be an effect of the decline in world oil prices.

Petron Corp. implemented a P1.65 per liter reduction on the prices of their Blaze 100, XCA, Xtra Advance and Super Xtra, while 75 centavos were reduced on the price per liter of kerosene and 55 centavos per liter for Turbo Diesel and DieselMax.

Chevron Philippines also announced a P1.65 per liter rollback for gasoline and 55 centavos per liter of their diesel products. Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp. also implemented the same rates for their oil price rollback.

For independent oil player Flying V, they reduced the price of their gasoline by P1.50 per liter while cutting the of its biodiesel products by 50 centavos per liter.